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The CASA/IPTN CN-235 is a medium-range twin-engined transport plane that was jointly developed by CASA of Spain and IPTN of Indonesia as a regional airliner and military transport. Its primary military roles include maritime patrol, surveillance, and air transport. Its largest user is Turkey which has 61 SV-235 aircraft.

Design and development

The project was a joint venture between CASA and Indonesian manufacturer IPTN, which formed Airtech company to manage the programme. The partnership applied only to the Series 10 and Series 100/110, with later versions being developed independently. Over 230 of all versions of CN-235 are in service and have accumulated more than 500,000 flight hours.

Design began in January 1980 with first flight on 11 November 1983. Spanish and Indonesian certification was on 20 June 1986; the first flight of the production aircraft was on 19 August 1986 and FAA type approval was granted on 3 December 1986. The aircraft entered service on 1 March 1988

In 1995, CASA launched development of a stretched CN-235 as the C-295. In December 2002, the Columbian Navy ordered two CN-235 for patrol and anti-drug trafficking missions.

In April 2005, Venezuela ordered two CN-235 maritime surveillance aircraft plus 10 transport planes but the operation was halted due the United States refuse to allow US technology to be transferred.

In January 2006, Thailand placed an order with Dirgantara for ten aircraft, six for the Ministry of Defence and four for the Ministry of Agriculture.

In December 2007, Spain ordered two CN-235 maritime patrol aircraft for the Guardia Civil, for delivery 20082009.

One CN-235 MPA aircraft was delivered by Dirgantara to the Indonesian defence ministry in June 2008.

The CN-235 was selected by the United States Coast Guard for its Medium Range Surveillance Maritime Patrol Aircraft (MRSMPA) program, for which 36 are being bought to replace the HU-25 Guardian business-style jets of the Coast Guard. These are designated the HC-144A Ocean Sentry . The first HC-144A was delivered by EADS CASA to Lockheed Martin for installation of its mission equipment in December 2006. The HC-144A achieved Initial Operational Capability (IOC) on April 2, 2009. Eight HC-144As had been delivered to the Coast Guard as of July 1, 2009.

In August 2006, three CASA CN-235-10 aircraft remain in airline service, in Africa, with Safair (two) and Tiko Air (one). Asian Spirit operates a lone CN-235-220 in the Philippines, correct as of June/July 2007.

The Irish Air Corps operates two CASA aircraft for maritime patrol duty.

There are at least two CN-235s flying with the United States Air Force for an undisclosed role with the 427th Special Operations Squadron, located at the former Pope AFB, North Carolina.

In early July 2008, The Mexican Navy announced that it will purchase six CASA CN-235s from Spain. In April 2010, Hervé Morin, French Minister of Defence, announced the order of eight CN-235-300s from Spain.


Initial production version (15 built by each company), with GE CT7-7A engines.

Generally as series 10, but with GE CT7-9C engines in new composites nacelles; replaced Series 10 in 1988 from 31st production aircraft. Series 100 is Spanish-built, series 110 Indonesian-built, with improved electrical, warning and environmental systems.

Improved version. Structural reinforcements to cater for higher operating weights, aerodynamic improvements to wing leading-edges and rudder, reduced field length requirements and much-increased range with maximum payload. Series 200 is Spanish-built, Series 220 Indonesian-built.

CASA Modification of 200/220 series, with the Honeywell International Corp. avionics suite. Other features include improved pressurisation and provision for optional twin-nosewheel installation.

CN-235-330 Phoenix
Modification of Series 200/220, offered by IPTN with new Honeywell avionics, ARL-2002 EW system and 16.800 kg/37.037 lb MTOW, to Royal Australian Air Force to meet Project Air 5190 tactical airlift requirement, but was forced by financial constraints to withdraw in 1998.

CN-235 MPA
Maritime patrol version

HC-144 Ocean Sentry
United States Coast Guard designation for a small number of aircraft bought to replace the small HU-25 Guardian business-style jets.


Military Operators

* Austrian Air Force

* Botswana Air Force

* Bophuthatswana Air Force (1 incorporated into South African Air Force)

* Royal Brunei Air Force (1)

Burkina Faso
* Military of Burkina Faso

* Chilean Army (4 CN-235-100) One lost in Antarctica

* Colombian Air Force
* Colombian National Armada

* Ecuadorian Air Force
* Ecuadorian Navy

* French Air Force 19 CN235-100, 18 updated in CN235-200 configuration. 8 CN235-300 (ordered April 2010)

* Gabonese Air Force

* Indonesian Air Force (Operating CN235-100M, CN235-220M, CN235MPA)

* Irish Air Corps (2 x CN235MP)

* Royal Jordanian Air Force (2 on lease for several years from Turkish AF, no longer in service)

* Royal Malaysian Air Force (8 x CN235-220)

* Mexican Navy (The Mexican congress approved the budget to purchase 6 CN235-300MPA. The first two are scheduled to be delivered by September 2010.)
* Mexican Federal Police

* Moroccan Air Force (7)

* Nigerian Air Force (20 CN-235s in service)

* Pakistan Air Force (4× CN235-220)

* Panamanian Air Force(Until 1994)

Papua New Guinea
* Military of Papua New Guinea (2 aircraft for CN-235M)

* Portuguese Air Force

Papua New Guinea
* Papua New Guinea Defence Force

Republic of Korea
* Republic of Korea Air Force (20) First introduction Time : May, 1994.

Saudi Arabia
* Royal Saudi Air Force

South Africa
* South African Air Force (1)

* Spanish Air Force (20)
* Spanish Civil Guard (2x Surveillance)

* Royal Thai Air Force operated 3 aircraft.

* Turkish Air Force (50 x CN235-100M)
* Turkish Navy (9 x CN-235 ASW/ASuW MPA with AMASCOS (Airborne Maritime Situation & Control System) of Thales)
* Turkish Coast Guard (3 x CN-235 MPA with AMASCOS (Airborne Maritime Situation & Control System) of Thales)

United Arab Emirates
* UAE Navy

United States
* United States Air Force 427th Special Operations Squadron
* United States Coast Guard (10 HC-144s in service, 36 planned).

Government and paramilitary operators

Presidential Airways - Operates a former Binter Canarias. Presidential Airways is a sister company of Xe (formerly Blackwater), whose sole owner is Erik Prince

* Guardia Civil (2 X CN-235 MPA)
* Sociedad de Salvamento y Seguridad Marítima (3 X CN-235 MPA)

* Royal Thai Police (1 x CN235-300)

Civil Operators


Merpati and Pelita.

Binter Canarias and Binter Mediterraneo, both subsidiaries of Iberia, operated four and five respectively from 1989 to 1997

Argentina ,
Inter Austral airlines, a subsidiary of Austral Líneas Aéreas, was later integrated into Aerolineas Argentinas, one ex-Binter.

South Africa
Safair Aviation Streamline group, which operates from Pretoria , South Africa , has two CN-235s,

Tiko Air had one (C012),

United States
Flight International and Flight Turbo AC with one each
L-3 Communication Systems acquired two copies.

Notable accidents

On 29 August 2001, Binter Mediterráneo Flight 8261 (Registration EC-FBC) crash-landed next to N-340, some 200 meters short of the runway 32 at Ruiz Picasso International Airport at Málaga, Spain. The pilot reported to Málaga Air Traffic Control, while on final approach, the aircraft's left engine had failed, and that he would have to perform an emergency landing. The plane descended hitting the first edge lights and stopping right next to the N-340. Subsequent investigation into the accident revealed that, shortly after the initial engine failure, the First Officer inadvertently shut down both of the aircraft's engines, leading to a total loss of power. Four out of the 44 people onboard were killed including the pilot Capt. Fdez. Ruano. The aircraft was scrapped.

Specifications (CN-235-100)

General characteristics

* Crew: two, pilot and co-pilot
* Capacity: up to 45 passengers
* Length: 21.40 m (70 ft 3 in)
* Wingspan: 25.81 m (84 ft 8 in)
* Height: 8.18 m (26 ft 10 in)
* Wing area: 59.1 m² (636 ft²)
* Empty weight: 9,800 kg (21,605 lb)
* Loaded weight: 15,500 kg (16,500 kg Military load) (34,172 lb (36,376 lb))
* Max takeoff weight: 15,100 kg (33,290 lb)
* Powerplant: 2× General Electric CT7C turboprop, 1,395 kW (1,750 bhp) each


* Maximum speed: 509 km/h (317 mph)
* Range: 5,003 km with max fuel / 2,870 km with 4,000 kg payload (3,108 miles with max fuel / 1,783 miles with 8,818 lb payload)
* Service ceiling: 9,145 m (30,000 ft)
* Rate of climb: 542 m/min (1,780 ft/min)

See also

Related development
CASA C-295



CN-235 adalah sebuah pesawat angkut turboprop kelas menengah bermesin dua. Pesawat ini dirancang bersama antara IPTN Indonesia dan CASA Spanyol. Pesawat ini saat ini menjadi pesawat paling sukses pemasarannya dikelasnya.


CN-235 adalah pesawat terbang hasil kerja sama antara IPTN atau Industri Pesawat Terbang Indonesia (sekarang PT.DI) dengan CASA dari Spanyol. Kerja sama kedua negara dimulai sejak tahun 1980 dan purwarupa milik Spanyol pertama kali terbang pada tanggal 11 November 1983, sedangkan purwarupa milik Indonesia terbang pertama kali pada tanggal 30 Desember 1983. Produksi di kedua negara di mulai pada tanggal Desember 1986. Varian pertama adalah CN-235 Series 10 dan varian peningkatan CN-235 Seri 100/110 yang menggunakan dua mesin General Electric CT7-9C berdaya 1750 shp bukan jenis CT7-7A berdaya 1700 shp pada model sebelumnya.

Varian :

PT.Dirgantara Indonesia :

* CN-235-10 :
Versi produksi awal (diproduksi 15 buah oleh masing-masing perusahaan), menggunakan mesin GE CT7-7A.

* CN-235-110 :
Secara umum sama dg seri 10 tetapi menggunakan mesin GE CT7-9C dalam nasel komposit baru ,mempunyai sistem kelistrikan, peringatan dan lingkungan yang lebih maju dibanding seri 100 milik CASA.

* CN-235-220 :
Versi Pengembangan. Pembentukan kembali struktur untuk bobot operasi yang lebih tinggi , pengambangan aerodinamik pada tepi depan sayap sayap dan kemudi belok, pengurangan panjang landasan yang dibutuhkan dan penambahan jarak tempuh dengan beban maksimum (MTOW=Maximum Take Off Weight).

* CN-235 MPA :
Versi Patroli Maritim, dilengkapi dengan sistem navigasi, komunikasi dan misi ( mulai mendekati fase operasional dan hadir dalam singapore airshow 2008 ). Pada Desember 2009 diumumkan bahwa TNI AL membeli 3 unit CN-235 MPA sebagai baguian dari rencana memiliki 6 buah pesawat MPA sampai tahun 2014. CN-235 MPA menggunakan sistem Thales AMASCOS, radar pencari Thales/EADS Ocean Master Mk II , Penjejak panas (thermal imaging) dari Thales, Elettronica ALR 733 radar warning receiver dan CAE's AN/ASQ-508 magnetic anomaly detection system. Pesawat ini juga akan mengakomodasi Rudal Exocet MBDA AM-39 atau torpedo ringan Raytheon Mk 46.

* CN235-330 Phoenix :
Modifikasi dari seri 220, ditawarkan IPTN ( dengan avionik Honeywell baru, EW system ARL-2002 dan 16.800 kg MTOW ) kepada Royal Australian Air Force untuk Project Air 5190 tactical airlift requirement, tapi dibatalkan karena masalah keuangan pada tahun 1998


* CN-235-10 :
Versi produksi awal (diproduksi 15 buah oleh masing-masing perusahaan), menggunakan mesin GE CT7-7A.

* CN-235-100 :
Secara umum sama dengan seri 10 tetapi menggunakan mesin GE CT7-9C dalam nasel komposit baru.

* CN-235-200 :
Versi Pengembangan dengan pembentukan kembali struktur pesawat untuk bobot operasi yang lebih tinggi , pengambangan aerodinamik pada tepi depan sayap dan kemudi belok, pengurangan panjang landasan yang dibutuhkan serta penambahan jarak tempuh dengan beban maksimum.

* CN-235-300 :
Modifikasi CASA pada seri 200,dengan avionik Honeywell. Kelebihan lain termasuk pengembangan sistem tekanan dan fasilitas instalasi opsional roda depan ganda.

* CN-235 ASW/ASuW/MPA :
Versi Maritim.

* C-295 :
Versi dengan badan lebih panjang, beban 50% lebih banyak dan mesin baru PW127G.

Spesifikasi (CN-235-100/110)

Karakteristik Umum

* Kru: 2(dua) pilots
* Kapasitas: sampai 45 penumpang
* Panjang: 21.40 m (70 ft 3 in)
* Bentang sayap: 25.81 m (84 ft 8 in)
* Tinggi: 8.18 m (26 ft 10 in)
* Area sayap: 59.1 m² (636 ft²)
* Berat Kosong: 9,800 kg (21,605 lb)
* Berat Isi: 15,500 kg (16,500 kg Military load) ( lb)
* Maksimum takeoff: 15,100 kg (33,290 lb)
* Tenaga Penggerak: 2× General Electric CT79C turboprops, 1,395 kW (1,850 bhp) each


* Kecepatan Maksimum: 509 km/j (317 mpj)
* Jarak: 796 km (496 mil)
* Ketinggian Maks: m ( ft)
* Daya Menanjak: 542 m/min (1,780 ft/min)
* Beban Sayap Maks: kg/m² ( lb/ft²)
* Power/berat: kW/kg ( hp/lb)

Operator Militer

* Botswana Air Force
* Tentera Udara Diraja Brunei (1)
* Chilean Air Force
* Colombian Air Force
* Ecuadorian Air Force
* French Air Force
* Gabonese Air Force
* Irish Air Corps (2 x CN235MP)
* Tentera Udara Diraja Malaysia (8 x CN235-220)
* Moroccan Air Force
* Pakistan Air Force (4 x CN235-220)
* Panama
* Papua New Guinea
* Royal Saudi Air Force
* South African Air Force
* South Korean Air Force (20)
* Thai Air Force (10 dipesan dari IPTN/DI)
* Turkish Air Force
* UAE Navy
* Bendera Amerika Serikat Amerika Serikat: U.S. Coast Guard sebagai HC-144A untuk program Medium Range Surveillance Maritime Patrol Aircraft (MRSMPA)

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* Company:
o NC-212 - CN-235 - N-250 - N-2130
* US Military:
o C-141 - C-142 - C-143 - C-144

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